New Nautical Cushions Bring Seaside Style to Your Home.

Homeware retailer Space & Shape aim to seek out and support independent artisans and with their latest collection of nautical cushions they are fulfilling their mission with ease.

Created by emerging designer Finnley Hartman, the nautical cushion collection offers the perfect way to embrace the maritime trend; bringing a cool and calm touch of the ocean life to any home, and at the same time supporting indie art and craftsmanship.

The Nautical Cushions Range

The nautical cushions unite key icons from the seafaring world to create a unique range of quality homewares. With a simple colour palette, the strong, elegant designs shine through and celebrate life at sea in style.

The Anchor Cushion


An icon in the making, the Anchor cushion features a simple and classic balance; the black and white colour scheme adds a touch of elegance to the strong solid design of anchor and rope. This striking yet conventional design is perfect for people who enjoy sailing the seas.

The Sailing Wheel Cushion


Co-ordinating effortlessly with the Anchor Cushion, the Sailing Wheel cushion is another black and white design, this time capturing the fine details of the Captain’s wheel. The design is simple and clean-cut to recreate the spirit of sailing in style.

The Ring Buoy Cushion


Adding a splash of colour to the nautical cushions collection, the Ring Buoy cushion design turns a utilitarian piece of equipment into a design icon. Capturing the importance of life saving equipment for sailors the design features touches of red to pop from the monochrome theme. With an impeccably detailed drawing the strong design contrasts with the soft and comfortable polyester and cotton cushion material.

The Lighthouse Cushion


Turning attention temporarily to the land, the The Lighthouse cushion celebrates a much-loved element of life at sea. In a blue and white colour palette, the cushion features a compelling yet modest drawing of a lighthouse. Perfectly in line with the other nautical cushions and their ‘Sail the Seas’ theme the strong lighthouse design is printed on a polyester and cotton blend material.

The Compass Cushion


Matching the Lighthouse cushion design, the Compass Cushion is a simple and elegant design in blue and white. Featuring the directions of a compass to show the importance of navigation while sailing. The cushion uses a simplistic and classic design of a compass with N, S, E, W symbols encircled in a strong block of colour.

The Star Compass Cushion


Last but not least in the nautical cushions collection is The Star Compass cushion; another innovative design that focuses on navigation while sailing the seas. The compass has fine detailing, with a touch of whimsy with its central star element. The black and white colours are balanced perfectly for a sophisticated and intricate style.

Where to Buy the Nautical Collection

The featured cushions retail at £29.95 with insert and £24.95 without insert. To see more, stock or purchase from the range please visit the Space & Shape website.

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