New Greeting Card Designer: Windsor & Woolf

by | Apr 18, 2012 | Greeting Cards

happy birthday bird card

New Vintage Greeting Cards Take us to the Parisian Flee Markets

Launched this year by Ben Van Poetsch and Gavin Munro, Windsor & Woolf are publishers and distributors. Alongside their own greeting card designs they compliment their range with a supporting act of talented artists from Britain and America. There’s lots to see, and I hope to bring you more in future posts, but today I want to concentrate on my favourite picks from the very first Windsor & Woolf collection. Inspired by Parisian flee markets and urban street style, the greeting cards mix modern and vintage, creating beautiful and stylish designs with intricate details and great depth.

floral vintage letter style greeting card

hot air balloon greeting card

hot air balloon greeting card

mannequin greeting card

birthday prince skull and crown greeting card

birthday card skull and horns greeting card

birthday card with skull and headphones design

Windsor & Woolf greeting cards retail at £2.50 and are hitting the shops in the UK now so keep your eyes peeled for them. You can also buy personalised versions from online retailer Scribbler; choose your favourite design, and add your message to 3 sizes of greeting card: small, £1.99; medium, £2.99 or large £5.99 (plus p&p). If you like what you see and want to find out more please take a few minutes to seek out the full collection on the Windsor & Woolf website. (2017 update: the website is not currently available).

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