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A few weeks back I had another article published in the April edition of Independent Retailer magazine (very exciting!). The topic they asked me to write about on this occasion was Eco-Chic Greeting Cards and Gifts. The magazine goes out to thousands of independent retailers across the United States and for those of you outside the USA (like me) you can see the article on the Independent Retailer website.

It was fun researching innovative and inspiring brands to showcase and luckily I was able to highlight a few Card & Gift Network friends who are doing great things for the environment and the industry; namely Night Owl Paper Goods and Wrecords by Monkey. While I was able to summarise the Eco-credentials of these companies, for Night Owl Paper Goods in particular there was a lot I had to miss out. So today, I thought I would dedicate a blog post to what I couldn’t share in the article.

Night Owl Paper Goods have built their incredibly successful and much-loved brand on a strong Eco-philosophy and I hope it will give you a few moments of inspiration for how you might introduce a little Eco-friendly goodness into your own businesses and product ranges.

“It’s very important to us to conduct our business in a manner that encourages and inspires respect for the environment. In order to achieve this, our goal is to create our products using environmentally sound methods and to conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible manner.”

Megan Fredrickson, Night Owl Paper Goods.

Night Owl Paper Goods Cards and Gifts

Sustainable Wood

Wood is an important material in the Night Owl Paper Goods card and gift collection so the company ensures they only use logs from US-based companies that employ sustainable-yield harvesting procedures. This one rule alone ensures they’re both protecting the future of the forests and not causing unnecessary harm to the environment shipping the materials from outside their home country.

One single log will produce thousands of wood products for the collection and Night Owl Paper Goods know it actually takes less wood to make one of their signature wood veneer cards than it does to make regular paper greeting card. By using wood, a 100% natural material the finished card will also be fully biodegradable.

No Chemicals

Alongside the natural wood products, Night Owl Paper Goods are also careful not to use any chemicals during the production process. Assuring customers their cards will not harm the environment during the decomposition process. All of the card range can also be composted or recycled with regular paper goods.

Night Owl Paper Goods Cards and Gifts (3)

Reclaimed Cotton Fabrics

Night Owl Paper Goods have a wonderful selection of letterpress greetings cards and it’s great to know that these too have their own Eco-credentials. The paper used for the letterpress collection is made from reclaimed cotton, leftover from the garment industry. The company chose to support this particular method of paper production because it uses less energy, water and chemicals than the traditional process of using wood pulp to create paper.

When cotton apparel is manufactured there is a significant amount of extra cotton left over. By collecting, cleaning and separating this cotton into raw fibers their paper merchant can create a premium product from scraps that might otherwise have been incinerated or sent to a landfill site.

Paper made from reclaimed cotton is created with no additional water, chemicals or farmland, and as a chlorine-free materials can be recycled with normal office paper.

Post-Consumer Waste Envelopes

Like a growing number of greetings card publishers Night Owl Paper Goods use an Eco-friendly option for their envelopes. The company uses envelopes which contain 30-100% post-consumer waste, which can be recycled with office paper.

Local Production

Last but not least, working in conjunction with each of their Eco-friendly materials the Night Owl Paper Goods range is all handmade locally in their hometown of Birmingham, Owlabama!

To find out more about Night Owl Paper Goods and see their lovely Eco-friendly cards and gifts please visit their website.

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