Notebook Covers Add Extra Personality to Your Stationery

by | Apr 23, 2010 | Stationery

Notebook Covers With Added Creativity

Engrave aim to ‘bring art into everyday life’ … today were looking at designs from their collection of engraved leather notebook covers. A quick and easy way to spice up your stationery.

illustrated notebook cover

Designs are handmade in Portland, Oregon. Engrave curates an artist series, which it laser engraves onto the leather covers. The image above is ‘Yup’ by Paulo Arraiano. The design features characters heavily influenced by graffiti aesthetics and old-school cartoons.

illustrated notebook cover

‘Strange World’ by Happy Lovers Town is the work of Jonathan Calugi, a graphic artist living in Pistoia, Italy. Like all of Engrave’s art covers it slips easily onto a Moleskine┬« notebook, making it re-usable time and time again.

illustrated owls notebook cover

Christopher Bettig is a painter/artist/designer based in Los Angeles, he has created this on-trend ‘Owls’ design. Perfect to individualise your stationery. Like all of the leather covers it is tactile when engraved and only looks better with age.

illustrated bird and branches notebook cover

The final design is ‘Blackbird’ by Cole Gerst, a graphic artist and painter from California. Like all of the covers on today’s post it fits the pocket version of the Moleskine┬« notebook. Covers retail at $60 (American Dollars) and can be purchased from Engrave’s online shop.

2017 update: Sadly the website seems to be no longer available.

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