Notecards… the Social Stationery that Can be Card or Gift

Notecards are a versatile product choice for stationery addicts.

Available as single cards (big and small), notecard sets, notecard packs and even as luxury boxed notecards they easily bridge the gap between card and gift.

While single designs are perfect for numerous card-giving occasions, boxed sets can make an ideal gift for stationery lovers.

It’s this very versatility that seems to make notecard a popular product for the industry’s designers, makers, publishers and retailers.

With this in mind, today we’re taking a closer look at the notecards available now; a few top product-picks and designers to watch for the best notecard designs.

Top Notecard Designs

You can find my favourite notecard finds from the industry on a dedicated Pinterest board (shown above) but from this collection, I’ve chosen my top 3 highlights.

Spot Print Notecards

A vibrant colour palette mixed with geometric designs gives these notecards a unique, fresh style that stands out.

Telegram Notecards

With a nod to vintage design and the old-style telegrams, these notecards are a fun and stylish option for notecard buyers. 

British Bird Notecard Pack

A perfect gift idea for bird-lovers and nature fans, the striking illustrations, which feature on this notecard set makes it a top pick. 

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10 Designers to Watch for the Best Notecard Products

In addition to the notecard designs you’ve seen on my Pinterest board and Top 3 highlight, there are also a number of designers and makers that have entire collections full of fantastic social stationery. 

Here’s a look at my top 10 designers to watch for notecards (in no particular order). 

Elvira V Designs

See Elvira V Designs for eye-catching colour schemes and stand out patterns. 

Little Gem Letterpress

A great selection of classic, elegant notecards with the tactile touch Letterpress printing delivers.

Bread & Jam

Unique collections of notecards with themes of gratitude and love that make thoughtful gifts. 

Lagom Design

A wonderful collection of mini-sized notecards with blank and occasion designs available. 

Milly Green

Beautifully designed notecard boxes for everyday and seasonal occasions. 

James Ellis

A wide selection of notecards with contemporary designs that would suit a wide variety of buyers. 

Penny Lindop Designs

Look out for boxed sets of notecards finished with Penny’s unique handmade touches. 

Ink Pudding

Notecards and envelopes with unique illustrations that can be personalised for the buyer. 

Ruth Thorp Studio

An excellent collection of boxed stationery with Ruth Thorp’s appealing artistic designs. 

Purpose & Worth ETC

A must-see modern collection of illustrated notelets, supplied with Kraft envelopes. 

From the Archive

Curious to see more excellent notecard designs?

Take a look at these top finds from the Card & Gift Network archives. 

Hayley Louise Crann

Notecards by Hayley Louise Crann

Freya Lines

Notecards by Freya Lines

Collier Campbell

Notecards by Collier Campbell

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Alongside notecards, designers and makers in the industry create a wonderful array of social stationery. Below you can find more features showcasing stationery products.

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