Bespoke Leather Knapsacks for the Rare Individuals in Your Life.

The days of the same old fashion gifts are behind us with Haeute’s new online “Knapsack Mixer”; a clever online tool that enables you to create one-of-a-kind knapsacks.

The perfect gift for all your style-conscious, “one in a million” friends or you could even treat yourself to the bespoke knapsack of your dreams.

The online “mixer” allows you to choose every element of your perfect bag. Giving you a stylish, quality rucksack made to your exact requirements.

With several elements to choose, from the base material to the colour of the stitching, the mixer offers hundreds of possible combinations. Banishing the boredom of having the same old bag as everyone else to its rightful place as a problem of the past.

knapsacks by haeute

knapsacks by haeute

Making the Perfect Bag

To make the perfect knapsack (or several) Haeute’s online mixer takes you through several steps.

First choice is the rucksack design; currently available in two models, sideline and centreline. From there you can choose from 5 bag sizes; XS (19 x 19 x 7), S (25 x 19 x 7 / A5), M (25 x 25 x 9 ), L (34 x 29 x 10 / A4) or XL (38 x 31 x 9 / laptop size).

Next comes the chance to customise the colours of your new knapsack. First pick is the bag’s main material, offering a selection of 8 finest quality cowhides in a variety of colours.

The knapsacks decorative stripe is the next customisation, with a choice of 33 under stripe materials and 44 upper stripes in both patterns and plain colour options.

Next come the final touches; the choice of 25 different coloured seams and 6 closure types, including both reflective and non-reflective buckle options.

Last but not least are a few optional extras, you can even choose to submit your own request to the Haeute team. As each of the bags is handmade, the designers are more than happy to accommodate special requests.

knapsacks by haeute

knapsacks by haeute

About the Designers: Haeute.

Each of the knapsacks featured today is handmade in Füssen, a Bavarian town in Germany.

The very first knapsack bag was designed by Marion Klatt back in 2004. Keen to own a cool bag that no one else had, Marion made her own, inspired by the knapsack look of the 60’s and 70’s, which impressed her with its simplicity.

With its eye-catching blue stripes and red cat’s eyes, people quickly responded to Marion’s white leather bag creation. A first order led to successful appearances at artisan markets and then a first retail order from a small shop in Stuttgart.

For years Marion completed individual enquiries by hand in a backyard garage in Stuttgart. Then she met Claus and the two founded a company that would allow them to keep up with the growing demand for the bags.

Contrary to the market trends of mass produced bags and accessories, Haeute continue to manufacture in Germany, working with staff from their local community. The result is a collection of bags that are all quality individual pieces, durable & unmistakable.

Each of the bags is kept simple, reduced to the essentials, without any frills. Haeute deliberately avoid unnecessary additions such as zippers, which could cause damage to the bag. This allows them to ensure every element of the bag is long lasting.

While much has changed since Marion showed her first knapsack to the public over 10 years ago, Haeute’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and unique design remains the same.

knapsacks by haeute

knapsacks by haeute

Where to Buy Haeute Knapsacks.

Prices for featured knapsacks start from €139.00. To try the Knapsack Mixer and start to make your own bag, please visit the Haeute website.

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