Discover Origami Steel’s Creative & Functional Decorations.

Origami Steel make unique, metal origami. Cut, twisted and folded into weird and wonderful shapes, each piece offers a chance to add personality and a little to cheer to any home.

Designed and made in Italy, the Origami Steel collection is 100% Italian. Using the natural strength and pliability of recycled metals, the range creates original homeware items that can be shaped to purpose. The familiar origami art form given a unique twist with a new material.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, the use of fun shapes and themes inspired by nature, along with a bold variety of colours ensure the set is suitable for a variety of ages, tastes and personalities. An easy way to add charm to any corner of the home or garden.

In keeping with the companies “be Natural” philosophy, the range is kept simple with no extras; ensuring it can easily be recycled after use.

A Quick Look at the Origami Steel Collection

Origami Caterpillar

origami steel caterpillar
Origami Steel’s super sweet Caterpillar comes in many colours for every taste; white, red, dark brown, orange, green, fuchsia, yellow and sky blue. Fix it easily to the wall and you’ve got a charming place to hang jackets, bags and more. Flex its small antennae and feet to create a decorative storage solution to suit your needs.

Origami Tree

origami steel fantasy-tree

Made from Calamine steel, the Fantasy Tree symbolises nature and imagination. Decorative but also practical it can provide a focal point for any room; a central place to hang anything from clothes and keys to jewellery and photos. Easily bend the leaves, flowers, berries and shoots to create your own Fantasy Tree.

Origami Steel’s Fantasy Tree comes in 8 colours: white, dark brown, red, orange, green, fuchsia, yellow and sky blue.

Origami Turtles

origami steel turtles

Adding Origami to the outdoors, this tribe of  colourful turtles helps you add bring joy to your green spaces. The turtles can be inserted into borders or flowerbeds, adding a splash of colour and character. Bend the blades and flowers to create a unique 3D sculpture that will add magic to your garden.

Origami Steel Snake

origami steel snake

Available in 8 colours, this cheerful snake (complete with his very own apple) is a look back to a Lost Eden. Perfect for fixing to a wall, its natural curves make it an ideal hanger for scarves, jackets and hats.

Where to Buy the Origami Steel Collection

Featured items: Caterpillar, € 19,90; Fantasy Tree, € 198,00; Turtles, € 44.00 and Snake, € 29,00. To see more, stock or purchase from the range please visit the Origami Steel website.

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