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After not browsing Etsy for the longest time, last night I found myself needing a break from building the trade directory and decided to take a virtual wander around its marketplace. Despite the millions of listings and knowledge I am probably missing so much, I always manage to find some amazing card and gift sellers with a fabulous array of unique, sometimes quirky products. As always, I’m keen to share what I found and see what you think, starting right now!

As a complete stationery addict, one of the first things to catch my eye were the stationery sets of Designer-Maker Paper Ivy from Sydney, Australia. Launched by designer Suzanne while she was on maternity leave with her daughter, Ivy, the company produces stationery, greetings cards, jewellery and accessories. All of Paper Ivy’s stationery products are designed and made in house, while the laser cut jewellery and accessories are designed by Suzanne before being laser cut by a small, local laser cutting business. While it was the writing sets that drew me in, I found that beyond the stationery there was a delightful selection of cards and gifts, with cute and contemporary designs of natural themes, pretty hearts and much more. Here’s a few of my favourites from the collection …

Paper Ivy Pink Birthday Card

Paper Ivy Birthday Card

Paper Ivy Fox Brooch

Paper Ivy Tree Brooch

Paper Ivy Laser Cut Heart Necklace

Featured cards and gifts: Little Tree Stationery Set, £9.03; Red Flower Happy Birthday Card, £2.79;  Retro Carnival Style Birthday Card, £2.79; Adorable Fox Wooden Brooch, £15.80; Laser Cut Wood Tree Brooch, £15.80 and Laser Cut Wooden Heart Pendant, £16.36. Prices are converted from the original AUD and were right at time of writing this article. To see more from Paper Ivy please visit their Etsy shop page.

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