Make Way Colouring Books, Paper Cutting is Coming…

If you’ve had enough of colouring books and are ready for the next crafting craze, Boo Paterson might just have the perfect idea for you.

In her book, ‘Papercut This Book’ artist Boo Paterson lays out everything you need to know about the intriguing world of paper cutting.

Featuring instructions, templates and colourful papers, ‘Papercut This Book’ is an ideal gift for creative souls.

Papercut This Book by boo patterson

Papercut This Book*

About the Book

In ‘Papercut This Book’, artist and illustrator Boo Paterson shares her passion for the intricate art of papercutting.

Starting with an introduction to basic paper cutting techniques, Boo shows readers how to create their own beautiful paper wildlife scenes.

Partly inspired by the local wildlife that the author encountered on her travels around the world as a circus ringmaster, the book brings to life a variety of animals, from tigers to sloths, kangaroos to orangutans.

Each book includes cutting templates and high-quality art paper in a variety of colours. Readers then only need a scalpel and a cutting board to get started on their paper cutting adventure.

‘Papercut This Book’ features a number of paper cutting projects that vary in complexity, making this book perfect both for beginners and for those wanting to develop their skills further.

With guidelines all the way, Boo has made it easy for anyone to create a papercut masterpiece.

papercut kangaroos project

Papercutting Kangaroos*

papercut lizard project

A Papercut Project*

About the Author

Boo Paterson is a Scottish artist and illustrator who works with papercuts, paper sculptures and pop-ups.

Her work has been displayed at the prestigious Royal Scottish Academy of Art and is conceptual in style and often influenced by real-life news events.

Boo was shortlisted for the 2016 World Illustration Awards and has been featured in media worldwide, such as the BBC, Fox 5 News, ITV News, House & Garden, The Week, Guardian, Daily Mail and Buzzfeed.

Boo divides her time between Scotland and New York.

Boo by Aly Wight-min

Author Boo Paterson Photographed by Aly Wright*

papercut bird project

A Papercut Template*

papercut giraffe project

A Giraffe Project from the Book*

Find Out More

Published by Batsford – the team behind the multi-million-selling Millie Marotta colouring books – ‘Papercut This Book’ contains all the paper, templates and instructions needed to create your own intricate gallery of high-quality papercuts, even if you’re just getting started on your crafting journey.

To find out more about the book and how to stock it please visit the Batsford website.  You can also find more information on Boo Paterson’s website.

*Image credit: Photos by Aly Wight

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