Personalised art print gifts: Baby-Banners-Boy-2

Personalised Art Print Gifts to Brighten Any Home.

Today’s blog post is a look at the latest collection of personalised art print gifts from Patternhill Studios. It’s been over 2 years since we last checked in with Patternhill Studio’s Designer Sarah Callis and I was delighted to see how the company has grown since 2013.

The biggest changes are a fabulous new website and a wonderful new design direction for the Patternhill Studio’s product range. Sarah is now focusing most of her range towards personalised art prints. All of which can be purchased directly from the new website. The print collection features a host of fun, stylish artworks. Designs perfect for brightening up a home, decorating a nursery or giving as a special gift.

Inspired by friends getting married and having babies Sarah set out to create a range of gifts that would be both personal and long-lasting. The result was a series of personalised art print gifts for special people and special moments. Unlike regular new baby gifts of toys and clothes or new home gifts of plants and flowers the art prints are a lasting memento, which can be treasured for years to come.

All of the art gifts are designed and printed in house; Sarah’s own house in fact! Based in the hills of South Wales, Sarah hand-prints each design using a linen, textured board for an added touch of luxury. While quality and the personal touch are high priorities for the range, Sarah’s prints are also designed to be affordable. Making them a wonderful gift idea for any budget.






Personalised art print gifts: Love-LaceHeart

Personalised art print gifts: Wedding Floral Lasercut

Prices for the personalised art print gifts featured start at £15 for an A4 print and £18 for an A3. A range of prints without personalisation is also available with prices starting at £8.00 for an A4 size print. See the full collection at the Patternhill Studios website.

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