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Personalised Cutting Board Project Seeks Backers.

Recently Card & Gift Network HQ received a sample cutting board from Straga Products in Canada. For the last two years founder Anton Honcharov has gathered together a team of craftsmen to perfect the art of board making. Having refined the process of creating high quality, bespoke cutting boards the team are now looking to take the next step; securing funding for a custom app. An app that will allow anyone to create their own personalised cutting board. A practical and personal gift that can be treasured for years.

The board I received is a Breaking Bad inspired ‘Let’s Cook’ design. In case you wondered, Anton kindly offered me a choice of design, so if you’re not a Breaking Bad fan you don’t have to worry there will be a board option for you too!

breaking bad inspired cutting board straga products

breaking bad inspired cutting board detail straga products

From the sample I received I have to say the team have done an excellent job. The board is lightweight and super smooth with incredibly detailed artwork. Every tiny detail has been thought of from the high quality bevelled edges and intricate serif font, to the tin of board butter and the beautifully gift wrapped package. On a side note, I’m sorry I didn’t get a photo of the very pretty packaging (purple tissue paper wrapping with co-ordinated purple and white ribbons) but I was excited to see the actual board and it slipped my mind!

The inspiration for this board and the rest of the collection lies in Anton’s home. The kitchen is a special place where he meets and spends time with family and friends. It was at one of these evening family gatherings that he was inspired to create his product: a custom engraved cutting board. A unique gift idea that could combine the personal touch with a practical gift that could sit at the centre of any home.

From an initial 20 designs, Straga Products have increased their collection to 52 designs. To date, Straga Product’s personalised cutting boards have been used to mark wonderful moments of life; anniversaries, weddings and housewarmings for customers in 35 countries worldwide.

While their achievements to date have been amazing the customisation available right now is limited. To take the gift boards to the next level the team need just a little more funding. Via Kickstarter crowdfunding Straga Products are looking for $5,000 (Canadian Dollars) to fund a custom application that will provide an easy, creative and interactive way to customise the cutting board artwork. Initially, the application will allow you to select: size, font and date format for your design. Ultimately, the team aim to provide limitless possibilities in the design of a keepsake cutting board.

With 13 days of their campaign left there project is over 80% funded, with less than $1,000 left to raise. Today’s gallery shows just a few of the options available for these cutting board gifts. Pop over to their Kickstarter page now to see the full collection and find out more about the board choices available if you support the campaign.

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straga products personalised cutting boards 002-6

straga products personalised cutting boards 012-5

straga products personalised cutting boards 012-5

straga products personalised cutting boards 023-2

straga products personalised cutting boards SET-013-Walnut

The deadline for reaching the goal of $5,000 (CAD) is Tuesday 24th March. If you want to grab one (or more) of these boards for yourself back the Kickstarter campaign now.

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