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by | Mar 25, 2010 | Gifts

Stylish Ceramics Hand-Crafted to Amaze

Pigeon Toe Ceramics is the brainchild of fine artist and designer, Lisa Jones. Combining modern flair, Scandinavian influences and good old-fashioned skill; a collection of stylish ceramic homewares have been crafted.

ceramic disks chime

These hand-thrown porcelain discs have been strung on a deerskin lace cord to create a chic ‘Disc Chime’, that gently clinks and sways in the breeze. A choice of colours and twines are available for this piece. Choose between 4 discs (shown above) or for more impact hang 8 discs (shown below). Glazed in Bone, sets retail between $28 and $46.

ceramic discs chime

This charming porcelain bowl is suspended on three 12″ strands of leather lace. Each ‘Scribble Planter’ is hand-crafted and finished with contrasting smooth and rough textures, adding depth and interest to its classic form. The interior is glazed in Bone. Retails at $52.

hanging ceramic planter

The unglazed ‘Porcelain Tray’ has a faceted base, the cuts highlighting the unique shape as the tray is suspended. Hanging from leather cords and an oxidized metal ring, it’s ideal for holding plants or veggies. Ditch the regular plant pots to hang these trays around your home. This planter can be purchased for $56.

ceramic hanging planter

Today’s final image from the Pigeon Toe Ceramics is the trendy, over-sized ‘Hanging Test Tube Vase’. With an unglazed exterior and interior in clear gloss, each test tube hangs on a 12″ leather lace (colour choice available). Retailing at $32, these vases are high quality accessories that will be cherished.

test tube style ceramic planters

Today’s Card and Gift Blog post shows pieces from the ‘In the Garden’ collection. To see more visit the Pigeon Toe Ceramics website.

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