Pinocchio & Grimm Fairy Tales Stationery Set Gift Tin

by | Apr 28, 2013 | Stationery

card pack tin

Stationery Sets with the Fairy Tale Factor

On Friday I published a post on some of my favourite stationery finds from craft website Etsy. There was however one find missing from the post. The blog feature was a very last minute idea, and unfortunately I only got permission to show this last stationery discovery after I had published the original post. (I always seek permission to feature a product from the Designers-Makers they belong to, especially if I am using the original product pictures). So today is a last look at an amazing stationery find.

This super cute mini ‘Stationery Set in a Tin’ is created by Little Treasures. The theme is Pinocchio and the Grimm Fairy Tales, but these stationery gifts are also available in Anne of Green Gables and Wizard of Oz designs. Each Stationery Set contains: 35 mini postcard sheets and 10 sticker sheets presented in an 8cm diameter gift tin. It’s a delightful miniature gift idea or stocking filler with some beautiful illustrations.

mini stationery tin

mini stationery set

The featured stationery gift set retails at $10 (£6.63 at time of blogging). To see more or purchase please visit the Little Treasures Etsy Shop.

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