Super Soft! Top Plush Toys for Christmas

by | Dec 6, 2012 | Christmas

pull-a-long dog toy on wheels

Top Plush Toys for the Festive Season

Today’s pick is a few of my favourite super soft plush toys for kids, bound to bring fun, excitement and joy over the festive season. First up is a cute duo of pull-along toys by French Designer’s Trousselier. Available to purchase online from the Idyll Home website, these incredibly soft animals are made from high quality fleece materials, with ribbon leads and wooden wheels painted in a matching, shiny red. My favourites from the collection are the Dog and Giraffe on wheels, retailing at £47 and £49 respectively. To find out more please visit the Idyll Home website.

pull-a-long giraffe toy on wheel

This stunning wall globe from Babatude Boutique is handmade by Designer Jen Talbot. First created as a custom piece for an airline executive’s son, this beautiful globe is a magical gift for children. Constructed from 100% wool felt, upholstered around a lightweight circular board that attaches to a wall like a picture frame. The globe has 65 pieces; each is backed with Velcro and can be moved ‘around the world’. The plane is attached by a ribbon that allows it to ‘globe-hop’ between cultural destinations. The felt globe measures 35″ wide by 3″ deep, and retails for £499 from the Babatude Boutique website.

felt globe wall decoration

Below is a super cute selection of Pebble Fair Trade cotton crochet Christmas rattles in angel, gingerbread and Santa Claus designs. Pebble-Hathay Bunano is a non-profit organisation started in 2004, that helps to combat the incredible poverty in Bangladesh. By teaching groups of women in rural Bangladesh to knit and crochet, Pebble gives an outlet to learn new skills and generate an income creating beautiful, handmade toys. The Christmas collection has a delightful selection of themed toy rattles and Christmas decorations that are bound to bring joy to the festivities. The Pebble Christmas rattles, retail at £10-12, and are available to purchase from stockists nationwide; to fine out more visit the Pebble website.

christmas crochet angel rattle

christmas crochet gingerbread man rattle

christmas crochet santa claus rattle

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