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Pop-up cards offer an extra touch of celebration to birthdays, anniversaries and every card-giving occasion. 

Increasingly intricate in their design and scope the pop-up greeting card is a place to see just how innovative greeting card designers can be. 

Alongside the traditional pop-up designs, I’ve also included 3D greeting cards and pop-out designs; while these might not “pop up” in the purest sense I think they offer an equal level of the spectacular. 

Let’s take a look at a pick of the industry best greeting cards and the brands to seek for this particular type of card. 

Top Pop Up Card Designs

You can find my favourite pop up cards from across the industry on a dedicated Pinterest board (shown above) but for this post, I’ve chosen my top 3 highlights.

Happy Birthday Puppies Card

An intricate and colourful design perfect for dog-lovers. 

Pop-Out Tree Card

A mellow and stylish design that adds a touch of elegance to the pop-up format. 

Fairy Tale Pop-Up Card

An entire fairy castle in a pretty pastel colour palette.

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Designers to Watch for Unique Pop-Up Greeting Cards

As mentioned above not all of these card publishers are known for the traditional pop-up designs, some favour pop-out constructions, all of them, however, are creating amazing designs.  

Here’s a look at my top card designers to watch for eye-catching pop-up designs.

Up With Paper

An innovative maker of 3-dimensional greeting cards that have been wow-ing recipients (& senders) for 30+ years. 

LovePop Cards

Beautiful laser-cut pop-up cards designed on shipbuilding software and handcrafted in the ancient art form of kirigami.

Me & McQ

Stunning 3D pop-up cards beautifully illustrated and precision laser cut to perfection. 

The Pop Out Card Company

Pop-out cards that are greeting and gift rolled into one. Lovingly made in the United Kingdom.

Second Nature Publishing

A family-run business based in the UK with over 35 years of experience creating design-led greeting cards. 


UK company creating magical, handmade 3D pop-up cards for all occasions.


Award-winning publisher with their very own paper engineering department that creates ready assembled designs. 

Colin Roy Todd Pop Up

A modern collection of super cute pop-up card designs for all ages. 

From the Archive

Curious to see more pop-up greeting cards?

Take a look at these top finds from the Card & Gift Network archives.

Up With Paper

up with paper pop up cards

LovePop Cards

lovepop cards

Open Box Design

Open Box Design

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