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by | Apr 8, 2010 | Gifts

Ceramics Celebrate the Natural World

Elizabeth Prince is the founder of Prince Design UK. Today we’ve got some gift ideas from her collection of ceramics. Beautiful bowls that can hold tea lights, jewellery or appreciated as pure decoration. Elizabeth’s online shop is with Etsy, so all prices on today’s post are in American Dollars.

ceramic birds with love heart detailing

The first picture is ‘Lovebird Bowl Duo’; handmade ceramic birds, individually stamped with heart shaped feathers and cut by hand. Sculpted from strong, textured white clay, their pretty features are highlighted by the glossy deep pink-red glaze. The duo of birds can be purchased for $39, or $22 for a single bird.

ceramic bird with lace style details

‘Lacy Bird’ is a variation of Elizabeth’s classic bird design. Vintage lace is pressed into the soft clay during its creation, leaving an intricate imprint. A rich teal glaze is added to the finished bowl to emphasize the decoration. ‘Lacy Bird’ is available for $22, with a choice of colour options.

ceramic poppies in pink

The ‘Poppy Bowl Duo’ like all of Elizabeth’s ceramics are moulded by hand from single pieces of clay. The strong clay has been shaped into the delicate form of a Poppy. Glazed a deep and shiny pink-red, with darker, textured accents. The pair retails at $52.

ceramic poppy in white

The ‘Poppy Flower Bowls’ are also available as a pure, unglazed design. Allowing the creamy clay and texture of the natural material to show. Just a few glazed accents are used to add the natural details to the Poppy design. The single bowl can be purchased for $24.

To see and purchase any of these items pay a visit to the Prince Design UK online shop.

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