Quirky Gift Ideas from Pugs Might Fly

by | Apr 29, 2013 | Gifts

Pugs Might Fly Soap Collection

It’s a Pug’s World

Pugs Might Fly is the creation of Margaret Meenaghan, inspired by her very own Dwarf Pug, Mutley. Adored by all, and inspiration to Margaret, her family and a talented team of collaborators Mutley provided the ‘lighting bolt inspiration moment’ for creating the ‘Pugs Might Fly’ brand. In a chance moment, Margaret’s Dad caught Mutley in a photograph playing and leaping with all four paws off the ground – the idea seed for Pugs Might Fly was sowed.

Since Mutley arrived in Margaret’s life on a snowy, cold day in December 2010, the Pugs Might Fly brand has grown to a collection of fabulous Pug inspired products, brought to life by talented Designers and Makers from across the UK. Today’s blog is a look at some of the great gift ideas from across the collection – cushions, fairy lights, gift soaps and more. Perfect for anyone who cannot resist the cute, whimsy of this Pugs life.

pugs might fly soap in gift box

pugs might fly cushion

pugs might fly cushion

pugs might fly lights

detail of pugs might fly light

detail of pugs might fly light
Featured gifts: Angelic Perfumed Pugs Might Fly Soaps, £10 each; Pug Cushions, £19.95; Pug Fairy Lights (shown in white and neon pink), £39.99. To find out more or purchase any of the featured gifts please visit the Pugs Might Fly website.

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