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Looking for Quirky Greetings Cards? Get Ready for Head in the Clouds.

Sometimes you need a greetings card that is a little bit different, a little bit special. Without really knowing it, you’re looking for quirky greetings cards. Designs with a little bit of fun, that stand apart from a hundred dull designs.

You’ve got a birthday, a retirement or you just need to say thank you but not any old card will do. This card is for someone special and you want a quirky greetings card, a special greetings card that causes a smile; that gives a warm glow and results in a happy day.

In this sort of special situation you might just be relieved and excited to discover Head in the Clouds. A new range of fun, cute, pretty and yes, quirky cards created by Love From Lemonade.

24 greetings cards perfect for birthdays, occasions, everyday and Spring. Each embellished with real wooden hearts or stars.

Founded in 2010 by Sarah Britton, Cathy Haworth and Murray Thomson, Love from Lemonade make cute and quirky cards to make people smile. With the new Head in the Clouds range, the team is doing what they do best, with a range of cards that are sure to make people happy.

Inspired by play, illustrator Cathy’s head was truly in the clouds one day whilst climbing a tree and the name of a new range was born! Designs were initially going to be made up of sensible loops of flowers, but in true Cathy style the cards ended up with cute characters and doodles with bright splodges of colour, which all work beautifully together. It’s fair to say that Love From Lemonade just can’t do sensible!

Or so they say … the truth is however that Sarah, Cathy and Murray can be very sensible. While the cards and quirky the materials and manufacturing are sensibly driven by eco-credentials.

All the materials the company uses in Head in the Clouds (and all their other greeting cards) is either recycled, recyclable or both. Being Eco-friendly is really important to Love from Lemonade, important enough to make even these fun-living pals a little bit sensible. Each of the cards is printed on a high quality quality FSC board, complete with slight texture for touchy-feely goodness.

Head in the Clouds is Love from Lemonade’s first range of hand-finished greeting cards. The wooden embellishments were chosen as a natural material (Eco-friendly) … and because they are very cute. The perfect fit for an impossibly cute and quirky greetings card company.

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The Head in the Clouds range is available now, with cards retailing at £2.45 each. For more information on stocking or purchasing from the collection please visit the Love from Lemonade website.

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