Introducing Regional Greetings Card from Wotmalike!

by | Jul 5, 2013 | Greeting Cards

regional accents birthday card

Celebrate the Regions of England With Wotmalike

Followers of the blog will no doubt remember Geordie Mugs (take a peek to remind yourself ) who create fantastic cards and gifts decorated with Geordie phrases. In the two years since Geordie Mugs first appeared on the blog the company has grown and developed into a brand new business called Wotmalike. Taking inspiration from the wonders of regional dialects Wotmalike expands on Geordie mugs, adding in Scouse, Manchester, Cumbrian and Northumbrian collections.

Wotmalike founders are Jo Burrows and Jane Kelley, friends since they were 16 years old. Jo is from Byker in Newcastle and has been a designer all her life, working for high-end aspirational brands and high street stores. Designing and blogging under the pseudonym Bykerlass, she is very proud of her Byker roots, which influence Wotmalike’s collection. Jane is from Cullercoats, North Tyneside and has spent many years running her own shops in Newcastle and Tynemouth. Their working relationship began when Jane asked Jo to design some cards for her shop, and the designs repeatedly sold out. Jane now manages Wotmalike from sunny Cullercoats. Together their partnership makes  “Canny Cards” full of joy, bright colours and bold graphics.

regional accents birthday card

regional accents sorry i forgot birthday card

regional accents new baby card

regional accents birthday card

regional accents new home card

Featured greetings cards retail at £2.10 and are available to purchase direct from the Wotmalike online shop and stockists nationwide. To find out more visit the Wotmalike website.

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