Rocking Sheep Are the New Toy in Town.

In days gone by the world of ride on toys may have been dominated by the rocking horse, but it’s time for a change; it’s time for rocking sheep.

Celebrating the early signs of spring, White Rabbit England have introduced a new toy into the fold, the mythical Rocking Sheep.

Rocking Sheep - White Rabbit England

But is this new ride on toy the best of the bunch?

Let’s take a closer look at what makes it special.

The new rocking sheep is a perfect addition to the White Rabbit England range; sitting comfortably with their existing collection of adorable interiors and gifts for children. The toy combines the quality craftsmanship and sweet animal characters that we have come to associate with the White Rabbit England collection; who could forget their adorable bunny money boxes!

An irresistible choice for clambering youngsters, the rocking sheep’s natural wool fleeces are designed to be super soft to cuddle up to. His fluffy woollen jacket and gentle demeanour will mean children have a new friend to cuddle in their bedroom, nursery or playroom.

While no doubt a winner for younger ones, the charm and quality craftsmanship of the rocking sheep ensures adults will love it too; providing a great addition to any home.

Each of the wooly rocking sheep is lovingly hand-crafted form pure wool fleeces and quality wood is hand-carved by master furniture makers to create each sheep’s face, handles and rocking base.

The handmade elements of this new rocking toy mean no two are the same, creating a unique and special gift perfect for little ones to play with and treasure. A soft and fluffy alternative to the traditional rocking horse as an heirloom gift to keep as little ones grow.

With a sleek, almost minimalist look, pale wood features and soft, fluffy coat there’s lots to love about the new rocking sheep.

Can it replace more traditional ride on toys? You decide!

Rocking Sheep Side View - White Rabbit England

Where to Buy The Rocking Sheep.

The rocking sheep measures 83 cm long x 31 cm wide x 43 cm high. Retailing at £235.00, each rocking toy is made to order in a 2-4 week timescale.

To see more, enquire about stocking, or to purchase your own sheep pal please visit the White Rabbit England website.

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