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by | Aug 10, 2010 | Greeting Cards

Photographic Cards Capture a Beautiful World

I thought it would be nice to get back to looking at some greetings cards today. Last night I received these gorgeous photographic cards from Melissa and Bob at Scene East and I thought they were so beautiful I couldn’t resist showing them to you. (Bare with me if you’re not a cat fan, there are some lovely landscapes too).

lion cub photographic greeting card

cheetahs photographic greeting card

I met Melissa in the virtual world of Linked-In a few weeks ago and was directed to her company Scene East. It’s here that Melissa and her husband Bob Demchuk turn their photographs into greetings cards and photo prints to raise money for non-profits. Bob is an Award Winning motion picture Director and Still Photographer with a passion for African wildlife photography. Melissa works in the world of Finance and has a love of travel, photography and philanthropy. Combining their skills together Bob and Melissa have created a beautiful portfolio of photographic cards that will help to raise money for areas including education, conservation and women’s causes.

lioness pair photographic greeting card

lioness and lion cub photographic greeting card

In my house we love cats (big and small) so these cards are just perfect for us. I’m not often drawn to photographic cards but these images are just adorable. I also loved the landscape photographs, they looked so peaceful and serene that they made me want to get on a plane and jet myself away from the rainy English Summer. The cards are suitable for a variety of occasions and are available to purchase in box sets with between 6 and 16 cards (with envelopes). Prices start from $8.25 for the 6 card box set.

sunset greeting card

sky greeting card

To see more of the Scene East Photographic Collections and find out more about the good causes supported by Scene East take a look at their website. All of the cards are available to purchase online (prices in American Dollars) and can be shipped worldwide.

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