Newton and the Apple Deliver Science Gifts to Impress.

Newton and the Apple create science gifts with interest. Taking inspiration from nature and science designer Gemma Hutchinson, ably assisted by her sister Kerry, delivers unique gifts, stationery, greeting cards, gift-wrap and homewares, all with an interesting and very clever twist.

Those of you with an exceptionally good memory may recall that we were recommended to check out Newton and the Apple during a ‘Behind the Design’ interview with Adam Holcroft of Paper Sheriff. I have to admit it’s taken me a while to get organised and follow that tip but I’m delighted to finally be sharing a sneak peek at the range.

In today’s post we’re going to be taking a closer look at Newton and the Apple’s gift collection. A treasure trove of nature and science inspired gift ideas for gift givers young and old; we’re taking a look at what the range offers for science loving kids, science-inspired adults and rounding up with a fun, novelty gift for the person who has everything.

Science Gifts for Kids

My first gift picks from the Newton and the Apple collection are adorable science gifts for kids. Perfect ideas for little ones who love their scientific and natural studies.

Dinosaur Writing Set for Kids. 

Science Gifts for Kids Dinosaur Writing Set by Newton and the Apple £5.95

The Dinosaur Writing Set comprises 4 square postcards ideal for dinsoaur-loving children. Each notecard shows fun translations for dino roaring noises, captured in funky, colourful illustrations. Featuring Apatoasaurus, T-rex, Triceratops and Stegasaurus there’s a dinosaur for every fan. Each postcard is matched with a brightly coloured envelope and spotty stickers to make snail mail more creative and fun.

Clever Clogs Pencil Set. 

Science Gifts for Kids Clever Clogs Pencil Set by Newton and the Apple
Newton and the Apple have a heap of delightful retro pencil sets for any age but when you’re looking for gifts for kids you can’t go wrong with this ‘Clever Clogs’ themed pencil set. Each of the pencils features a hashtag phrase for a clever sort.

The perfect stationery gift for anyone that studies science or just loves it. A great back to school present, exam gift or even a graduation gift for older kids, reminding them of their gone-to-soon school days.

The pencil set includes 5 common phrases for clever people hash-tagged in gold foil onto turquoise and neon yellow pencils. Each pencil is the traditional hex shape with gold ferrules and pink erasers for the true retro look.

Star Constellations Jotter. 

Sceince Gifts for Kids Star Constellation Jotter by Newton and the Apple

Educational and beautiful, the Star Constellations spiral bound jotter pad and purple pencil is a gorgeous stationery gift for when the kids go back to school.

An ideal gift pick for young astronomy lovers, the purple notebook features an illustrated map of orange star constellations, complete with names.

The inside pages are printed with a unique design of dotted orange lines and star constellations to match the cover. The spiral bound jotter is co-ordinated with a purple hex pencil, hand-pressed in gold foil with the phrase “We are all made of star stuff”, for an extra special finishing touch.

Science Gifts for Adults

Not just for the little ones, the Newton and the Apple gift collection also features a number of science gifts for adults. Here’s my top 3 gifts from the current range.

Chalkboard Science Quote Art Print. 

Science gifts for adults Chalkboard Science Quote Art Print by Newton and the Apple

This unique Giclée art print not only expresses a love of science but shows us the magical wonder of our planet and the universe. Great inspiration and a great design that will make any home look super stylish.

The print has a chalkboard style background, available in a choice of 6 colours. Each quote print has a slightly textured matt finish, which beautifully captures depth of colour and detail in the design. The print is also archival quality, meaning the inks will not fade and the print will last a lifetime.

This science gift for grown ups is available in medium (A4) and large (A3) formats.

CaFFeINe Coaster Set by Newton and the Apple.

Science Gifts for Adults Caffeine Coaster Set by Newton and the Apple

Any home can be made a little more cosy with this fun set of coasters. The CaFFeINe Coaster Set comprises 5 natural wood coasters, with chemical elements spelling out ‘Caffeine’; the perfect science gift for coffee lovers.

Laser cut from natural birch, each coaster comes with the added bonus of a lovely woody smell. Supplied in a raw, untreated state the recipient is free to varnish or stain them in any way they like.

Newton and the Apple have a full collection of coasters; fun chemistry gifts celebrating a variety of elements. Designs include: TeA, LaDy, OK, OMg, BeEr, Au-Pt, WINe, BOsS and of course the CaFFeINe set featured here.

Geometric Glass Stud Earrings.

Geometric Glass Stud Earrings by Newton and the Apple

The last pick of science gifts for adults are these sweet Geometric glass stud earrings. In mix and match colours (teal, green, blue, red, orange, yellow, grey, pink, purple, white, brown, black) you can pick and choose the bright colourful glass tiles to make a perfect pair.

Each of the earrings are hand-crafted to add a little pop of colour to any day. Made from colourful square glass tiles on surgical steel earring posts with butterfly backs; a gorgeous minimal piece of geometric jewellery. Each earring pair is  beautifully gift-wrapped in a grey organza bag, ready for gifting.

Novelty Science Gifts

The joy in the gifts that Newton and the Apple create is the layers that can be found in each design. While on the surface they could be seen as novelty science gifts there is also deeper layers of imagination and intelligence. It’s these layers that raise these science gifts above the crowd and makes even the most adorable novelty items fun and collectable.

My last gift pick from the Newton and the Apple collection is a fab mini gift that can be used, appreciated and admired every day.

Moon on a Stick Wooden Bookmark.

Novelty Science Gifts Moon on a Stick Wooden Bookmark by Newton and the Apple

The quirky moon on a stick wooden bookmark is as Gemma herself says

“the perfect gift for the person who has or just wants everything”.

The tiny wooden keepsake has the moon engraved onto a piece of black walnut wood. A bookmark, place holder or a token gift for those who really do want the moon on a stick. Newton and the Apple’s Moon on a Stick is supplied in a miniature black gift-box ready to give as a present to the person that has everything.

Science Gifts Created in the UK

Newton and the Apple is small creative business founded by Gemma, while she studied for a PhD in auditory neuroscience.

After years of learning about sounds and voices and how they work to create beautifully unique sound waves, Gemma designed the ‘Personalised Sound Wave Print’, a unique way to capture sentimental messages, music clips, heart beats, giggles, woofs … whatever the sound, Gemma sound-waved it.

From that first gift idea the Newton and the Apple story began. Soon a whole collection of fun science gifts had been created and people loved them. Gemma’s younger sister Kerry joined the business to help with growing demand and what started as a spare-room business is now run from a small studio in a Grade II listed building in the heart of Nottingham.

With combined experience and interest in science, art, design and photography, the sisters have the perfect mix, which will continue to grow Newton and the Apple into an intelligent and exciting card and gift business.

Where to Buy Science Gifts by Newton and the Apple.

Featured fun science gifts: Dinosaur Writing Set for Kids, £5.95; Clever Clogs Pencil Set, £6.50; Star Constellations Jotter. £12.50; Chalkboard Science Quote Art Print, £11.95 (medium) & £19.95 (large); CaFFeINe Coaster Set, £27.50; Geometric Glass Stud Earrings, £4.95 and Moon on a Stick Wooden Bookmark, £5.50.

To find out more, stock or purchase from the range please visit the Newton and the Apple website or Etsy Shop.

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