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by | Jan 26, 2010 | Greeting Cards

Cool & Cute Cards for Every Occasion

Today we’re looking at the cute characters and funky graphics to be found on the greetings cards of Seadragon Publishing.

First is a card from the ‘Amigurumi’ range. Translating as ‘small, happy thing’, this collection of crochet animals is inspired by the craft movement in Japan. Cards are printed on a textured board, which embodies the feel of the crochet images.
cute bear greeting card - it's your day

‘Sock Creatures’ is a range of mischievous characters. Captured on a printed fabric background and finished with hand sewn vintage buttons. Each card is unique with it’s own individual button eyes.

cute monster greeting card for birthday

These next two designs are from the ‘Kushties’ range, a set of cute and quirky charcters made from vintage fabrics. Felt banners are then stamped and stitched onto the card.

happy birthday card with zebra

happy birthday card with monster design

Lastly is ‘Typographica’ a series of contemporary occasion cards, with solid graphics and bursting with bright colours. Like all Seadragon Publishing cards this range is printed on a high quality, heavyweight  board.

love typographic greeting card

Printed cards start from £2.00 and hand-finished from £3.00. All of these designs and many more can be seen and purchased on the Seadragon Publishing website. Those with trade enquiries will also find full contact details.

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