New Seaside Greeting Cards from Jenny Wiscombe

by | Apr 11, 2012 | Greeting Cards

rocket lolly it's summer greeting card

New Greeting Cards Deliver the Summer Sun

Now we’re well into April, and back from the Easter break I’m looking ahead to the summer, and hoping for hot, sunny days. Predictably I got very excited when I saw the new ‘Seaside’ greeting card designs from Jenny Wiscombe (it helps that one contains a fab lolly!). The range celebrates all the good things from the Great British seaside. The cards use iconic seaside and summer themes, and gives them a stylish, vintage gloss. The Seaside greeting cards are hitting shops across the UK, and are already proving to be a huge hit in the coastal locations of Britain. With an on-trend British theme I’m sure this early success will continue as we get closer to the summer months, so let’s pack a bag and head to the coast.

fab lolly seaside greeting card

love chips seaside greeting card

it's summer vintage postcard style greeting card

summer's here i'm at the beach greeting card

love the beach summer greeting card

Jenny Wiscombe greeting cards are available to purchase from stockists nationwide. The Seaside collection retails at £2.15. To find out more please visit the Jenny Wiscombe website.

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