Eco-Friendly Toys & Gifts from Sew Heart Felt

by | Jun 17, 2013 | Gifts

Crochet Rabbit Toy

Fab New Toys with an Eco-Friendly Side

The Sew Heart Felt gift collection is an award-winning range of crocheted toys and felt accessories, skilfully handmade by women across the world, using local traditional crafts handed down over many generations.

Sew Heart Felt gifts are first conceived in England by Sonia Spencer; a talented Designer with over 20 years experience in the creative world. Sew Heart Felt HQ is based at Sonia’s farm house in rural Oxfordshire; complete with a variety of furry friends, the farm house and rural setting provides endless inspiration for new products. The toys and accessories begin life as sketched ideas, drawings are then transformed into patterns, before stitched samples are sent away to communities of talented women who bring the collection to life. The Sew Heart Felt gift range is created using traditional crafts handed down over many generations, and provides sustainable, traditional work for women in rural communities of Nepal and Shanghai. Where possible the designs use soft organic fibres and Eco-friendly dyes to create the beautiful quality products in bright appealing designs.

Crochet Cat Toy

felt fox bag

felt badger bag

felt cow booties

felt donkey booties

Featured gifts: Rafferty Rabbit Crocheted Toy, £29.95; Clarissa Cat Crocheted Toy, £29.95; Finlay Fox Bag, £18.95; Billie Badger Bag, £18.95; Coco Cow Slippers, £24.95 and Darci Donkey Slippers, £24.95. To find out more or purchase any of the handmade gifts showcased today please visit the Sew Heart Felt website.

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