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In our latest ‘Behind the Design’ interview we’re taking a closer look at the inspiration behind ShoeLicks, an innovative company aiming to add some extra style to the world of fashion and footwear. We caught up with company founder Charlotte King to get a unique insight into the company, the products and the bright and sparkly future of ShoeLicks.

The Company.

Tell us a little about your company.

ShoeLicks is the only company in the UK to jazz up the soles of your heels to give you the Louboutin inspired look for less than a London latte at £2.99. They fit perfectly in a normal sized envelope, making them a fantastically unique gift item to pop in with birthday or Christmas card!

I started the business 2 and a half years ago when I kept seeing the real deal everywhere, but didn’t want to spend £450 on a pair of heels that I probably couldn’t walk in! So I thought, why not have removable designer stickers in different designs that reflect your individual style that you could change according to the occasion. Most high street heels lack a design feature on the sole, yet we all know how much those Louboutin’s get noticed!

Day to Day at ShoeLicks

What is your role in the business? 

I created the company from scratch and run everything myself from website design, sales, product and packaging design, PR, marketing and distribution.

I’ve also worked with a number of British designers who’ve created their own collections with us. I really enjoy collaborating with museums too, we’ve got 2 exclusive prints with the V&A museum which have been selling so well– imagine having William Morris soles! I also worked with designer of the year, Lindsey Lang, to create a one-off print for the Design Museum’s Women Fashion Power exhibition.

I’m most proud of collaborating with these museums as I’ve grown up going to them from a young age, and now my product is in their gift shop! I’m also proud of being on Dragon’s Den with ShoeLicks and not getting boo’ed off!

What is a typical day like at your business? 

I run ShoeLicks from my kitchen table with all my stock in shoeboxes stacked in two vintage cocktail cabinets. A typical day for me is getting back to emails, sorting out any new orders and working through any potential press enquiries as well as working through any sales leads, especially with the run up to Christmas’ stocking filler season.

The Inspiration.

What inspires which product lines you create? 

When I think about what I should do for a new collection, I really look at which latest trends are making waves with young women aged 15-36 – think pineapples, watermelons, dinosaurs and, of course, 90s prints were all must-do’s on my wish-list of ideas. I’m currently obsessed with Memphis prints and artists like Camille Walala, so watch this space!

Tell us about your design style. 

I’ve tried to design a wide range of prints that can suit a variety of styles. I’ve got Liberty print inspired classics like a red peacock print, my Delft Blue is based on a real turn of the century Delft pottery tile as I grew up in Holland and then I absolutely love my quirky collections with dinosaurs in party hats and Saved By the Bell style prints – I always get compliments for my soles!

Are there any other card or gift designers / brands that you admire?

I love the Ohh Deer boys, we’ve been stocked on their site and they’ve got a wide range of witty, fun cards by a number of illustrators. I also love Lucy Loves This, I frame her cards as presents for my friends that live in Brixton.

The Products.

What is your personal favourite product in your collection?

My favourite print is the Fresh Prince from my Back to the 90s Collection, its smart, chic and fun!

Fresh Prince ShoeLicks

Our 2 best sellers aside from The Classic (obviously), are our Lush Leo and Lush Lace as no matter what your style, these prints suit all ladies! They’re a great present to pop in with one of the plainer prints like our metallic gold and holographic.

Lush Leo ShoeLicks

Lush Lace ShoeLicks

What new products do you have planned for the future?

I’ve just come out with the ‘Back to the 90s collection’, and am hoping to collaborate with a fashion high street chain soon using their best selling prints to match up to their dresses, but you’ll have to watch this space! I know the V&A are interested in adding a new print to their exclusive collection for the run up this Christmas.

What is it like seeing your products in shops? 

It’s an unbelievable feeling seeing your product in shops that you yourself frequent. I always go into Scribbler for my friends’ birthday cards and after 2 and a half years of knocking on their door, we were stocked with them last Xmas and sold really well!

When I was first stocked in the Design Museum, I kept going to visit them in the gift shop; my heart fluttered with pride every time I saw them in the window and by the tills!

Manufacturing & Production.

What can you tell us about the manufacture of ShoeLicks?

I get everything made and packaged in England, but we don’t do anything in-house. I work closely with my manufacturers to ensure quality is second to none.

Do your products feature any special materials?

All our materials are eco-friendly. We’re the only company in the UK to offer metallic gold and holographic disco soles! They’re easy to apply, are waterproof and easily removable, not leaving any marks.

The Future.

What would you like to do next with the business? 

I really hope to see ShoeLicks as an established new way of accessorising. I really hope to do collaboration collections with top high street chains and department stores in the future.

It would be a dream to have a Liberty’s collection as I love their prints and they don’t have much under £5 in store; ShoeLicks could be a fantastic low-budget souvenir from visiting London’s most iconic department store.

I’d also love to do a Penguin books collection where you can have your favourite Penguins classic on your sole, I think that would be a great present for your sassy book worm fashionistas!

Thank you Charlotte!

Now you’ve read about the product, take a closer look and by visiting the ShoeLicks website.

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