Cute Collectables from Shush Productions

by | Feb 8, 2010 | Greeting Cards

Collectable Cards Bring a Dose of Nostalgia

Today is a day of nostalgia on Card and Gift Blog with a collection of printed cards by Shush Productions.

collections blank greeting card

Imagery is inspired by a range of influences including childhood, fairy tales, fables and proverbs. The cards feature a special selection of themed collectables captured and co-ordinated into strong, cohesive images.

collectables blank greeting card

Each of the card designs in the ranges come with a sticker sheet (as shown below). Complimenting the imagery with text, enables the designs to be used for a variety of occasions. Individuals will also get to exercise their own creativity in customising the cards and making an extra special treat for the recipient.

sticker sheet from greeting card

Shush Productions have also created a unique range of ‘Doors’ greetings cards. In the style of an advent calendar, the group of images on the cards contain mini doors that can be opened to reveal a secret level of hidden images.

good luck greeting card
good luck greeting card with windows open

Shush Productions are available to trade customers, more information and contact details to stock these cards can be found at the Shush Productions website.

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