Stamp Collections Can be Cool with Betsy Benn.

The humble stamp collection has often suffered from a perception problem.

Non-stamp fans fail to understand the appeal of collecting and the hobby can be regarded as old-fashioned or even dull.

Such thoughts however shall themselves be consigned to the past with the latest gift designs from Betsy Benn (who has previously given us super cool gifts for music lovers).

Making the stamp collection cool again Betsy Been have created the ‘Personalised Stamp Destination Prints’ a fab new gift idea perfect for stamp fans, travellers, adventurers and those who know just how cool an iconic stamp design can be.

From Blackpool to Brisbane and Morocco to Margate, the Personalised Stamp Destination Print allows you to capture, frame and keep the places special to you.

The retro-style stamps are mini works of art, compiled together in a high quality frame; a mini gallery that captures your best memories of places near and far.

Available in a nine stamp or twelve stamp collections, Betsy Benn offer a vast array of colour schemes, and country or place names to create a stamp collection gift that is truly unique to you.

Guaranteed to brighten up any home, these stamp-themed gifts are a delightful way to mix old and new. A present that gives the nod to classic stamp collecting, while providing a unique twist that contemporary gift givers will adore.

Betsy Benn Stamp Collection Cool - Personalised Stamp Art Destination Print 16 Stamps £35

Betsy Benn Stamp Collection Cool - Personalised Nine Stamp Destination Print £28

Where to Buy.

Featured gifts: Personalised Sixteen Stamp Destination Print, £35; Personalised Nine Stamp Destination Print, £25. To find out more, stock or purchase the new stamp collection gifts please visit the Betsy Benn website.

A Little Note About Betsy Benn.

Betsy Been specialise in personalised prints, unique typographic gifts, homeware and greeting cards. Designs that are clever, charming and lovingly made in their Cheltenham Spa studio. Launched in 2009, the company has gone from strength to strength and has featured on the blog in many of our card & gift picks. From every day awesome art gifts to last minute Mother’s Day gifts, delightful Father’s Day gifts and more, there’s always new and unique designs to be discovered at this Cotswolds-based company.

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