Stoneglow Candles Unite With Harlequin for New Collection

by | Sep 3, 2013 | Gifts

colourful candles in jars

Unique Homeware Collaboration Brings New Gifts for All

Stoneglow Candles have recently teamed up with British interiors brand, Harlequin. Combining their respective talents for creating high quality candles and stylish homewares; the collaboration has created a beautiful range of handmade scented candles and infusion reed diffusers.

The new gift range comprises six evocative fragrances carefully developed to complement your home and enhance its ambience. Scent blends include: soft florals, fresh fruits and sophisticated woody blends, each designed to engage the senses, relax or uplift. Perfect as gifts, or a self-indulgent pay day treat for your friends, your family and yourself. Each elegant glass candle-holder and diffuser bottle has been individually handmade, retaining any small irregularities to add to the charm and showcase the traditional craftsmanship. Each glass holder is hand-coloured in fresh, vibrant shades specially created to complement Harlequin interiors.

colourful candles in glass jars

colourful candle in jars

zeal reed diffuser

reed diffusers in colourful glass jars

reed diffusers in colourful glass jars

Featured gifts: scented candles retail at £25 and will burn for approximately 50 hours; reed diffusers cost £35 and allow the fragrance to be absorbed and slowly diffused into a room for up to 18 weeks. For more information please visit the Stoneglow Candles website.

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