Handmade Gifts from Stoneglow Candles

by | Jun 20, 2013 | Gifts

stoneglow candles collection

Pamper Yourself with Handmade Gifts from Stoneglow Candles

Stoneglow Candles are passionate about their products and take immense pride in their gift collection of scented candles, diffusers, soaps and lotions.

Each of the gift collection is designed in-house and handmade in the UK, on the Stoneglow Candles premises. The gift collection uses bespoke scents developed and tested over long periods of time. Each unique scent is created from top quality ingredients, chosen for the emotional response they will evoke. The Stoneglow Candles team love making their signature candle range, each design is extensively tested to ensure a long burn-time, steadily-released scent and a quality burn without smoke. The craftsmanship of the collection is an integral element of the finished gift, every candles is blended and poured by hand, before being carefully wrapped in stylish gift packaging.

stoneglow candles reed diffuser

stoneglow candles candle

stoneglow candles toiletries

stoneglow candles hand wash and hand & body lotion

Featured gifts: White Orchid Reed Diffuser, £18; White Orchid Scented Candle, £12; White Orchid Diffuser Refills, £12 each and White Tea & Wisteria Soaps and Lotions, £10 each. To see more or purchase any of the gift products showcased today please visit the Stoneglow Candles website.

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