Studio ROOF Totem Fawn (1)

Studio ROOF’s Preview Poetry in Imagination.

In today’s blog post I wanted to share with you  a quick sneak peek of ‘Poetry in Imagination’, the new autumn collection from Studio ROOF.

The 3-Dimensional Totems are cardboard kits that can be constructed into woodland creatures, trees and elephants for imagination, play and decoration.

A great gift that will keep kids occupied and fire their creativity throughout the autumnal months.

Inspired by nature, Studio Roof’s Autumn collection contains 4 models to make: Fawn, Dream Tree, Elephant and Enchanted Deer.

These new 3D Totems are the latest additions to the Studio ROOF ‘Paper Creative Collection’, comprising cardboard 3D objects, toys, and paperware for all ages.

Each totem model is made of recycled, sturdy cardboard, perfect for transforming from its flat-packed start to a beautiful 3D model. A totem that kids will adore to build, dream about and play with.

Based in Amsterdam, Studio ROOF (previously Kidsonroof) was founded by Romy Boesveldt & Ilya Yashkin in 2005. Inspired by the beauty of childhood, imagination, nature, peoples of the world, art and craftsmanship.

This latest collection perfectly embodies the company philosophy, delivering a well-crafted gift idea that can take kids aways from the computer screen and back to their own imaginations.

Studio ROOF Totem Dream Tree

Studio ROOF Totem Elephant

Studio ROOF Totem Enchanted Deer Leaf

Featured totems will be available from September 2015, with prices ranging from €14.95 – €34.95. To find out more, stock or purchase from the collection please visit the Studio ROOF website.

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