T-Shirts for Witty & Wonderful Older Women Everywhere

Adding to their impressive collection of slogan t-shirts, Twisted Twee has recently unveiled a new collection of t-shirts for spirited older women.

For those ladies whose sense of adventure and fun has not diminished with age, these t-shirts make the perfect statement. A great addition to any wardrobe and a gift sure to bring a little joy.

Speaking on the origin of the collection, designer Suzi Warren commented…

“It occurred to me that there are no positive names to describe older women. Hag, crone, spinster, harridan, mutton…insulting, powerless. So why don’t we, the HRT crowd and above, take those titles and own them. Embrace them and make them sassy and funny and spirited.”

bint t-shirt by twisted twee

Bint T-Shirt

No longer putdowns, the words are reimagined with joy and optimism for a generation of women embracing their age.

The t-shirt collection embraces colour and sharp typography. Offering both short sleeved and long sleeved options to suit every woman’s personal style.

Each of the slogans is printed by hand onto 100% organic cotton t-shirts.

cantankerous t-shirt by twisted twee

Cantankerous T-Shirt Design

frump t-shirt by twisted twee

Long-Sleeved Frump T-Shirt

Central to the collection is Suzi’s ‘hag vocab’. An arsenal of former insults, bursting with variety, from ‘Crone’ and ‘Hag’ to ‘Chopped Liver’ and ‘Battle Axe’.

These previously all-too-real jibes are given a makeover with Twisted Twee’s signature humour and bright colours.

The result is a t-shirt collection that stands out from the crowd, bringing positivity to women who deserve to be celebrated not overlooked.

matron t-shirt by twisted twee

100% Organic Cotton Matron T-Shirt

Well known for her fabulous parent & child t-shirt sets, Suzi has also created a Mutton & Lamb t-shirt pairing, which perfectly embodies the theme.

Giving mums (& their kids) a chance to tackle negative stereotypes in a light-hearted and stylish manner.

mutton and lamb t-shirts by twisted twee

Mutton and Lamb T-Shirt Set

Find Out More

I’ve been a big fan of Twisted Twee for a long time (they first appeared on the blog way back in 2011!) and I’m delighted to see the brand going strong with a fabulous new collection.

The featured t-shirts retail at £22.00 each or £36.00 for a parent and child t-shirt set.

To see the full collection and find out more about stocking the range please visit the Twisted Twee website.

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