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by | Aug 9, 2010 | Gifts

Explore the Stunning World of Pâté de Verre

We’re starting the week off with some pretty glass creations from artist Tabitha Tansey. Using a rare technique called ‘Pâté de Verre’, Tabitha creates stunning designer objects that make beautiful and highly unusual gifts.

Pâté de Verre glass bowls

Pâté de Verre glass bowl

Pâté de Verre which literally means glass paste is an ancient process that utilises pieces of glass called frit. Ranging in size from small lumps to fine powder, the frit  is mixed into a paste with a binding agent and set into moulds. With the application of slow heat, the glass pieces fuse together into a delicate glass creation that resembles a web of natural crystals.

wood and Pâté de Verre ornament

Tabitha’s collection includes pieces which combine wood with her Pâté de Verre glass. The range has a variety of different woods including Black American Walnut, Beech and Rosewood.  Each hand made piece is carefully turned and polished on a lathe until a fine surface is achieved. The wood and glass are then joined together to create an individual, highly collectible work of art.

wood and Pâté de Verre ornament

Pâté de Verre and wood ornament

Tabitha recently won the Highly Commended Newcomer at this year’s British Craft Trade Fair. Her plates, bowls and sculptures are stocked across the UK and online, a full list of stockists can be found on Tabitha’s website.

Glass Tea Light Holders, £13.60 each;Trinket Bowls and Spiral Glass Bowls are £48 and £39 respectively.  To see more, stock or purchase from the range please visit the Tabitha Tansey website.

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