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by | Jun 7, 2010 | Greeting Cards

Beautiful & Humorous Greeting Cards for All

Tea Time Tarts Designs create beautiful and humorous greetings cards; today’s post is just a small selection from their fantastic collection. The cards are the culmination of years of hard work by Hazel Fernandes and Catriona Andrews. Celebrating women and their lives, loves and obsession with fashion. These are cards for girls that like tea, cakes and the odd glass of wine.

bunny blank greeting card

With backgrounds in illustration and textile design the cards show a lovely collaboration between collage patterns and strong illustrative images.

cup of tea blank greeting card

fairy and floral blank greeting card

Tea Time Tarts Designs have put together a selection of 8 transforming greetings cards. On first inspection the printed cards are florals with an oriental theme, but looking closer each card can be transformed into a miniature oriental box to hold little treasures.

greeting card mini gift box

Tearing along the perforated edges and following the easy instructions, the cards recipient can quickly fold together an oriental box perfect for jewellery or special keepsakes. As you’ll see from the photo below I made up two of the samples Catriona sent me & can confirm it’s very simple and the finished items are adorable.

cards made up into mini gift boxes

The cards of Tea Time Tarts Designs combine Illustration & textiles with the added humour that only real life could inspire and they’re sure to be loved by women everywhere.

nothing to wear greeting card

skinny latte muffin and prozac funny greeting card

To see all of these cards, many more designs and some beautiful stationery ranges, pop along to the Tea Time Tarts Designs official website.

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