A Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes of The Artsy Girl Studio’s Mixed Media World.

Say hello to … 

Monica Martin, Owner and Artist of The Artsy Girl Studio.

Tell us a little about your company …

I am a mixed media artist. I started my business in 2012, after being a stay at home Mom with my two daughters for 17 years. I have always been into art, but after taking a few classes online, my passion for mixed media art took over.

My business consists of creating original artwork in my studio in San Diego, CA. In addition to originals, I create art prints and greeting cards from them as well. In 2014, I became a licensed artist for several manufacturers of home décor products.

What is your role in the business? 

My role in my business is the ‘do it all’ girl. I run my website, my social media, as well all other aspects of my business.

What’s the best thing about your job?

My favourite part, by far, is creating new art. There is nothing like a quiet day in my studio.

Is there anyone else in the team? Tell us about them.

My team consists of my daughters as well, mostly during the summer, since they are both still in school full time.

What is a typical day like at your business? 

I break up my week with what I call desk days and studio days. All of my computer, printer, paperwork and such are in my home. So those are my desk days. Typically you can find me in my studio 3 days a week, like Tuesday – Thursday.

What makes your workplace special?

I think my studio is pretty special, because I dreamed of having a studio outside my home for years. It is a quiet space, and I am in an arts & culture area, where there are a lot of other creative people.

Your Inspiration …

What inspires which product lines you create? 

The product lines I have created are inspired by the world around me. In addition to my insane love of flowers and bright colours, I try to find ways to incorporate positive messages or quotes into most of my artwork. It’s sort of a game, in that I create the art, then find a quote I feel represents the feel of the artwork. Sometimes I will already have something in mind. I am often asked if I sketch it out first. I did in the beginning, but I don’t anymore. I just let the creativity lead me.

Why do you like this area of design?

I fell in love with mixed media artwork because of its purely original design. There are no real rules, or limits to what you can create.

Tell us about your design style. 

I am influenced by many of the more recent artists, including Kelly Rae Roberts, Alisa Burke, Flora Bowley, Mati Rose, Jessica Swift, and many others. They have all started from the ground up, so not only do I admire them as artists, but also as business owners in the industry.

Your Products …

What is your personal favourite product in your collection?

My personal favourite product in my collection would be one of the first mixed media design I ever created, which is the “You are my sunshine” canvas. I created it because I sang that song to both my daughters and had no idea how many other Mothers were doing the same over the years. I have heard so many sweet stories about that song, so it remains as a special piece in my collection.

The Artsy Girl Studio You are my sunshine Print

What are the most popular products in your current range?

I would say that my most popular products at the moment are my greeting cards. Although I am just launching a full line this Spring 2015, they have been sold locally by me for years. They are blank, as well as 5×7 in size, so easy to frame.

the artsy girl studio greeting cards

The Artsy Girl Studio - Blessed are the curious

What new products do you have planned? 

I am always working on new licensing agreements with manufacturers. I am lucky in that my agent always has new companies for me to pitch to and often I will design something specific for their needs.

Manufacturing & Production.

What can you tell us about the craftsmanship?

All of my artwork is created by me, personally. Each piece of artwork, once complete, becomes a digital file by scanning the image in a high resolution. At that point, all art prints and greeting cards are done in my home office. I just recently started outsourcing to a printer for larger jobs. I package and mail every order myself. I like being a part of it.

The Future.

What would you like to do next with the business?

For the future of The Artsy Girl Studio, I see many things. I would love to be picked up by a card company to represent my lines, as I know they have greater access to larger clients.

Where do you dream of seeing your products next?

I would love to see my artwork in many more licensing agreements and eventually, more stores. Things that I would love to design would be more home décor, such as bedding, and dinnerware. I love a well-dressed home, and often enjoy decorating projects in my own home.

Thank you Monica! 

Visit the Artsy Girl Studio website now to see more. (Update Artsy Girl website is no longer available – 03.02.2020)

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