Thinking of You Week 2018 is Coming!

Now in its fifth year, Thinking of You Week 2018 is on the horizon.

This year the event will run from Monday 24th – Sunday 30th September. Organised by the UK’s Greeting Card Association, Thinking of You Week 2018 is a week-long campaign to inspire a wave of “love, caring and happiness” via the sending of greetings cards.

Science has shown that receiving a handwritten note or card is more special and has a greater emotional impact than receiving emails or texts; which seems like a pretty solid reason to take part in some Thinking of You Week fun.

thinking of you week social covers-min

Social Media Covers for Thinking of You Week 2018

Getting Involved in Thinking of You Week 2018

Although there is well over a month to go before the event starts this is a great time to start planning your involvement.

Time goes quick and you don’t want to miss out!

This year the Greeting Card Association (GCA) are keen to make Thinking of You Week the biggest and best yet.

So let’s take a look at how the industry can get involved.

Thinking of You Week Flyer

Thinking of You Week Flyers Are Included in the Toolkit

August: Preparing for Thinking of You Week 2018

Card Publishers

If you publish greetings card now is a great time to pick out your best ‘Thinking of You’ designs for your retail customers.

Putting together a special offer or bundle of designs that can be ordered and delivered in time for the event will save retailers time sourcing designs for their Thinking of You Week events.

You can also start to include flyers (see the Toolkit info at the bottom of the post) for the event in your deliveries.

Card Retailers

Now is the time to check stock levels and order any greeting cards you need for Thinking of You Week.

If you want a quick guide to some of this year’s best Thinking of You appropriate card designs take a look at my pick of 25 card designs perfect for Thinking of You Week.

You can also start planning your Thinking of You Week events. If you’re a traditional “brick and mortar” retailer this could be anything from a special “Thinking of You” display or shop window to hosting a “card sending” party.

To make an impact you could collaborate with a local school, hospital or nursing home. You could even coordinate with other retailers and businesses in your area to put on join events; encouraging local people to come out and take part.

If you don’t have time to manage an event you could just have a Thinking of You offer. For example, you could sell Thinking of You cards in a special bundle, host a giveaway or include free stamps when people buy cards.

Like the publishers, you can also use the Toolkit’s materials to start promoting the event. Hand out flyers for your Thinking of You week events or coupons for special offers when people make a purchase.

September: Promoting Thinking of You Week 2018

When we get to September there will just be a few weeks to go. This is the perfect time to finalise your plans and start getting any additional promotional items together.

If you’re hosting an event this is a great time to pitch your local press for coverage. See the Toolkit for a press release template and journalist list for more info on creating and sending a press release.

24th-30th September: Thinking of You Week 2018 is Live!

  • If you have a shop or physical location hang the Thinking of You Week poster.
  • Update your social media accounts with the Thinking of You Week banners (available in the Toolkit)
  • The official hashtag for the event is #sendacarddeliverasmile – use this on your social media updates to highlight any events and offers.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for other hashtags people are using such as #ThinkingOfYouWeek #ThinkingOfYouWeek2018 or #SendACard – the more we use these hashtags the more publicity and recognition we can get for the event.
  • Alongside social media, you can also send an email to your mailing list to highlight what you’re doing to celebrate.
  • & don’t forget to send cards to your favourite people.
Thinking of You Week Poster

The Thinking of You Week Poster

Thinking of You Week 2018 Toolkit & More Info

To make taking part in the Thinking of You Week easy, the GCA has created a Toolkit with all the graphics and templates you need. To get a copy for yourself, and find out more about the event please visit the Thinking of You Cards website.

See my pick of 25 Card Designs Perfect for Thinking of You Week 2018.

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