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Big brands can help inspire your Instagram feed to greatness.

(Even if you have no intention of being a big business).

best instagram accounts to follow

Need a little inspiration for your Instagram feed?

It’s not always easy finding new and interesting content for social media … especially if you’re a small business.

If social media is just one of a hundred jobs you have to do each day posting even a single daily picture to Instagram can seem like a chore.

Since we’ve previously looked at 8 Simple Ways to Use Instagram for your business, today we’re going a step further and looking at some real-life examples.

In particular, I want to share some examples of how big brands are solving the ‘new content’ issue. Examples which I hope will give you a little inspiration as to how you can fill your Instagram account and reach your customers.

Instagram Accounts You Can Follow for Inspiration.

#1 ~ Paperchase

paperchase instagram account


Why follow? Colour.

While I’m a little biased about anything that involves stationery, it’s the colours that really draw me into the Paperchase Instagram feed. Instagram posts are a great way to show off your design aesthetic and Paperchase do this brilliantly. Even their most minimal posts are bursting with bright, rainbow colours, fitting their brand aesthetic perfectly.

View Paperchase Instagram

#2 ~ Harrods

harrods instagram account


Why follow? Luxury.

If you want to convey the quality of your brand and products then you really need to follow Harrods. Their Instagram feed oozes the luxury lifestyle and is a perfect example of how elegant images and styling can elevate your products.

View Harrods Instagram

#3 ~ Sharpie

sharpie instagram account


Why follow? Customer Participation.

Sharpie’s Instagram account has done a great job of building a community around their products. With a simple “grab a Sharpie & start something” tagline they encourage customers to use their product and share the result. A great way to build a loyal fan base.

View Sharpie Instagram

#4 ~ Starbucks

starbucks instagram account


Why follow? Imagination.

Starbucks is a great brand to follow on Instagram if you’re not sure how to show off your products. While coffee might be an everyday product and Starbucks are seemingly on every street corner their Instagram feed is not every day.

The posts bring imagination to their offer, showcasing their products in fun and inventive ways; a must if you don’t want to bore your customers.

View Starbucks Instagram

#5 ~ Naturebox

naturebox instagram account


Why follow? Lifestyle.

If a picture really does paint a thousand words then Instagram is a great way to communicate the lifestyle that your products offer. Naturebox’s Instagram feed is an ideal example of how you can use pictures to hint at the lifestyle and philosophy behind your products and business.

View Naturebox Instagram

#6 ~ Topshop

topshop instagram account


Why follow? Variety.

Topshop’s Instagram is a great example of how a variety of posts can add interest to your Instagram feed. Their account features product shots, model shots, magazine covers, celebrity pics, street shots and more. Adding variety to your Instagram feed is a good way to prevent yourself and your followers getting bored.

View Topshop Instagram

#7 ~ Moo

moo instagram account


Why follow? Topical.

Alongside a whole variety of product pictures and customer showcases, I like the topical updates from Moo. The printers have added topical updates covering the Royal Baby, Earth Day, The Oscars and many more, which is a great way to keep their feed fresh and relevant.

View Moo Instagram

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#8 ~ Oreo

oreo instagram account


Why follow? Fun.

Your Instagram feed is a great way to inspire and entertain your audience and Oreo are great at adding fun to the platform. Their account is a great one to follow if you want inspiration on how you can bring your personality into Instagram marketing.

View Oreo Instagram

#9 ~ Nike

nike instagram account


Why follow? Short, Sharp Slogans.

Nike is one of the biggest brands on Instagram so they’re definitely a brand to follow and take notes on. All of their posts promote the Nike values and lifestyle but my favourite element is the short, sharp slogans that brilliantly caption each photograph.

View Nike Instagram

#10 ~ Innocent Smoothies

innocent instagram account


Why follow? Behind the Scenes.

The Innocent Instagram page is a great example of a brand showcasing what happens behind the scenes. Mixing in sneak peeks at the people behind the company is a great way to stop yourself from posting the same old product pictures.

View Innocent Instagram

#11 ~ Forever21

forever21 instagram account


Why follow? How to Wear.

Forever 21’s Instagram feed is a great example of showcasing how customers might use your products. Posts regularly share different looks from shoe and bag pairings to complete outfits.

View Forever 21 Instagram

#12 ~ Benefit Cosmetics

benefit instagram account


Why follow? Quote Posts.

Benefit Cosmetics are brilliant at showcasing their brand and the lifestyle you can associate with their products. The way they use quote posts is really amazing. Even though the graphics are incredibly simple and easy to replicate they tap into what their customer wants perfectly. Recently a “but first, lipstick” quote got 40.8k likes and 571 comments … not bad for 3 words.

View Benefit Cosmetics Instagram

#13 ~ Birchbox

birchbox instagram account


Why follow? Composition.

Birchbox is a subscription service for beauty products and they do a great job of showing off their products. Products are arranged in eye-catching compositions, turning what could be a run-of-the-mill product picture into something fun and appealing.

View Birchbox Instagram

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