Card & Gift Network’s Top Ten Gifts of 2017

Following on from our look at last year’s best greetings cards, today we’re reviewing the Top Ten Gifts of 2017. These are my personal favourite gift ideas that featured on the blog between January and December 2017.

As with the choice of the top cards, picking the top ten gifts of 2017 wasn’t easy. First I reviewed every single gift showcased; from there I created a shortlist of around 50 items, which was then painfully whittled down to just 10 gifts.

Many amazing gifts were almost in the top ten but I had to be harsh or I could have made this a very long post. As with the greeting cards these top ten gifts are in no particular order, they’re all equally my favourite and it is a personal choice, which hopefully you will like.

So without further ado let’s take a look at the top ten gifts of 2017.


1. Apple-Themed Fruit Stand by Fruit Tier

Apple Fruit Stand

Apple-Themed Fruit Stand

This delightful Fruit Tier was featured in January 2017 as a healthy gift idea for the new year. The quirky design makes this a great item for the home and a good way to encourage people to eat more fruit. The stand out feature that made me want to include it in my pick of the top ten gifts of 2017 is the craftsmanship, so much detail has gone into designing and crafting the Fruit Tier that it really becomes a work of art.


2. Memo Mug by Mustard

Memo Mug

Memo Mug

In February a look at the Gift of the Year Awards unveiled this awesome Memo Mug by Mustard. No longer do you have to use old chipped mugs to keep your pens and pencils straight; now you can have a stylish, cork based mug. The material makes it a great place to tack notes and reminders, keeping your pens and your work nice and tidy.


3. Alice in Wonderland Teapot by Creative Tops

Alice in Wonderland Teapot

Alice in Wonderland Teapot

In March I shared a first look at the amazing Alice in Wonderland Teapot from Creative Tops. A great gift idea for Alice fans and high tea connoisseurs who can now have their very own tea party complete with beautifully illustrated tableware.


4. Animal Alphabet Flash Cards by The Jam Tart

Typographic Flash Cards

Animal Alphabet Flash Cards

The perfect typography-based gift for design enthusiasts, these Animal Alphabet cards are a step up from ordinary flash cards. This boxed set features a bright array of animals made to look weird and wonderful for every letter of the alphabet; a great way to teach kids their a-b-c’s and give them a few secret lessons in good design.


5. Retro Style Oven Mitt by Blue Q

Retro Style Oven Mitt

Retro Style Oven Mitt

Also in March I came across the wonderful world of Blue Q and their range of quirky oven mitts. An ideal gift for cooks, chefs and food lovers who want to add a little personality to their kitchen. Not necessarily the best pick for the easily offended these oven mitts are a wise present choice for fans of retro design and humorous giftware.


6. Owl and Mole Plates by Mister Berwyn

Owl and Mole Plates

Owl and Mole Plates

Last year’s look at Mister Berwyn uncovered a fabulous homeware gift idea in the form of these adorable Owl and Mole plates. With a distinctive illustrative style and heaps of personality these plates are wonderful way to decorate a home. Perfect for animal fans and homeware enthusiasts alike these unique designs just had to make the top ten of gifts of 2017.


7. Petals Decorative Bowl by be&liv

Petal Decorative Bowl

Petals Decorative Bowl

In April 2017 I came across these delightful petal-shaped decorative bowls from Finland’s be&liv. As you can see in the original post, the bowls slot together one petal at a time to create the elaborate floral design. Available in a range of different colourways to suit every taste, the bowls are beautiful on their own or used as a bowl to display other objects or fruit.


8. Manners Maketh Man Washbag by Chase and Wonder

Manners Maketh Man Washbag

Manners Maketh Man Washbag

Chosen as one of the best Father’s Day Gifts of 2017 this ‘Manners Maketh Man’ washbag is by Chase and Wonder. The cool illustration combined with familiar phrase made famous by the Kingsmen movies makes this washbag stand out as the perfect choice for dapper men. This made the top ten gifts of 2017 for the combination of quality toiletry bag with an on trend illustrative design.


9. Polymer Clay Cat Brooch by Liska Flower Jewelry

Polymer Clay Cat Brooch

Polymer Clay Cat Brooch

In June 2017 my attention was grabbed by this polymer clay brooch by Liska Flower Jewelry. Carefully constructed from loops and twists of colourful polymer clay, each jewellery piece is handmade. The finished design is a unique accessory that is bright, eye-catching and an easy pick for the top ten gifts of 2017.


10. Bear Mood Light by The Glow Company

Bear Mood Light

Interactive Bear Mood Light

My last choice for the top ten gifts of 2017 appeared on the blog in July. A great gift idea for kids an intelligent mood light¬†comes in the shape of a bear making it an adorable addition to nurseries and children’s bedrooms. Controlled by a connected app via a tablet or smartphone mums and dads can programme the mood light to the colours and music that will most soothe their child; banishing bedtime blues for good.

If you liked this look at the best gifts of 2017 don’t forget to check out the top ten greeting cards of 2017.


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