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by | Aug 11, 2010 | Gifts

Meet the Handmade Homewares of Tracie Murchison

I love finding gift ideas among the British craft community, so I was absolutely delighted when I saw these fabulous cups and jugs by Tracie Murchison. They’re such unique creations that they will make a truly special gift idea.

cup and saucer art pieces

collage jugs

Tracie hand makes each piece using her own technique of individually layering silk, ephemera and wood veneer to create unique forms. The process of layering is repeated using a variety of different materials, gentle sanding then removes some traces of the chosen materials. By revealing lower layers Tracie is able to show the hidden layers, giving each piece its own identity.

collage jug

collage jugs

Inspired by traditional and modern ceramics, textiles and basketry, Tracie’s pieces have familiar forms developed into new and interesting works of art. The pieces perfectly balance the textures of silk, handmade paper, newspaper and pages from old books with a smooth wood veneer. Current ranges include the ‘Alice Annie collection’ which uses reproduced love letters, photographs and fabrics left to Tracie by her Great Aunt Alice and ‘Original collections’, which uses original books, letters and photographs to create unique pieces that become talking points and cannot be copied.

collage jug

collage cup stack

To see more from Tracie’s Portfolio, look up exhibition details and get full contact info take a look at the Tracie Murchison website.

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