AMSTERDAM birthday range - - travel bug collection

Catch the ‘Travel Bug’ with New Cards & Gifts.

Designer Mel Smith of Mel Smith Designs has recently launched new range ‘Amsterdam’.  Introduced to the industry at this year’s Spring Fair trade show, Amsterdam is the third range in Mel’s ‘Travel Bug’ collection. Today’s post is a quick look at both the Amsterdam birthday card series and previous ‘Travel Bug’ launches ‘Morocco’ and ‘London’.

Inspired by her travels around the world, Mel is hoping to be able to add a new series to the collection each year. Sharing the unique cultures she has been fortunate enough to experience. Designs in the Amsterdam, Morocco and London sets are hand drawn, before being edited and coloured on Mel’s much-loved Apple Macbook.

Travel Bug cards and gifts evoke the culture, architecture and style of the countries and cities chosen. Decorated with traditional patterns or city illustrations, the designs are given a modern ‘Mel Smith Designs’ twist for a unique look that captures the time, place and Mel’s design aesthetic.

Each colour palette in the series is specific to the starring city or country. Bringing to life the people and places while also reflecting Mel’s personal view point. The rich, vibrant colour of the Morocco palette (Shown below) are based on the YSL Gardens in Marrakech; Mel’s personal favourite from her travels.

The ‘Travel Bug’ collection currently includes: greeting cards, coaster sets, mugs and cheese/chopping boards. Tea towel designs will also be added in the coming weeks. See what you think …

MOROCCO full range

MOROCCO coasters


MOROCCO cheese board - - travel bug collection

LONDON full range

LONDON cheese board - travel bug collection

Featured items: greeting cards, £2.50; coasters (set of 4), £10.75; mugs, £10.95 and cheese/chopping boards £13.95. The ranges will also see the addition of tea towels, £11 in the coming weeks. For more information or to stock items from the collection please visit the Mel Smith Designs website. Consumers can also buy online at the Mel Smith Designs’ Etsy store.

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