Candle Gifts with a Surprising Centre.

Today’s featured presents are ‘Melting Messages’, a collection of unique candle gifts with a surprising secret.

At first glance each of the candles is a regular quality candle set in a colourful tray base. Light the candle and let it melt however and you reveal a top secret hidden message.

For each candle hides in its core a message that is slowly revealed as the candle burns and the wax melts away.

The collection has a variety of hidden messages from a simple ‘Thank You’ to a life-changing ‘Marry Me’; providing  a quirky way to surprise and delight with the message of your choice.

A unique token of a special moment that can be kept long after the candle wax has melted away.

unique candle gifts - melting messages - happy anniversary

The Candles

Each of the candles can be customised to the needs of the event or occasion; buyers choose the hidden message, the tray colour and the gift packaging that best sums up what they want to say.

The candle gifts are unscented and weigh approximately 700g with a burn time of 30 minutes; allowing you ample time to light the candle and sit back as the secret message is revealed.

An innovative way to spread a message with more than just words.

unique candle gifts explained

About Melting Messages

Melting Messages is a UK based company, with all their candles designed in house and hand poured in their factory. The candle wax and other components used in the candle gifts are sourced from UK manufacturers. Each of the Melting Messages collection is proudly ‘Made in Britain’, supporting British heritage and craftsmanship.

Passionate about design and bringing something new to the market, Melting Messages wanted their passion to be reflected in the uniqueness and quality of the candles.

Inspired by a time they themselves needed to find a special gift, they decided to create a present that was truly unique; a token that would convey a message in an innovative and original way.

“We wanted to create a timeless product that would allow any moment to be preserved and be something worth remembering.”

Today the collection has 7 basic candles to choose from, which can be customised to create over 50 gift combinations, hand-picked to a buyer’s preference; the first wave of what is sure to be a growing collection of candle gifts.

unique candle gifts - melting messages thank you candle

Where You Can Buy Melting Message’s Candle Gifts

The featured candles retail between £20.00 and £22.00. To see more, stock or purchase from the range please visit the Melting Messages website.

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