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Porcelain Gifts ~ Sculptures with a Surprising Side

Today’s blog post is a look at the amazing ceramics of Beccy Ridsdel. ‘Under the Surface’ is a series of porcelain sculptures with a unique twist. The vintage-look bowls and cup and saucer sets have each been stripped back to reveal hidden layers.

I have to credit the discovery of these stunning ceramics to my brother. He found Beccy’s Facebook page and I’m so glad. I love the originality and quality of the designs. I couldn’t wait to share them with you and I hope you like them too.

Behind these designs is ceramicist Beccy Ridsdel. Based in York England, Beccy usually works in porcelain and white clays. She then combines these with mixed media and vintage elements. The result is one-of-a-kind sculptures, trinkets and keepsakes. Amazing objects that are must-have gifts for any craft fan.

‘Under the Surface’ began life as an installation set up as a lab experiment in progress. A scene of scalpels, lab coats, needles and a microscope; ready to experiment on various cut-up craft objects. With their innards seeping out, ‘Frankenstein-style’ Beccy turned a table of traditional craft objects into an artwork in its own right.

From the original installation we now have this fabulous set of sculptural porcelain. At first glance the objects appear to be ordinary chintz designs. The experiment reveals the hidden details below the surface. Each of the bowls and cups is handmade from one piece of porcelain with slips, glaze and traditional high-fired decals. Stepping away from the ordinary, these porcelain gifts are eye-catching items that would brighten up any home. See what you think …

porcelain gifts - beccy ridsdel porcelain bowl

porcelain gifts

porcelain gifts - beccy ridsdel porcelain bowl sculpture

Featured porcelain gifts: Under the Surface Sculptural Porcelain Bowls, £70.00 and Under the Surface Sculptural Porcelain Teacup and Saucer Sets, £70.00. For more information please visit the Beccy Ridsdel website. You can also see the full range of Under the Surface sculptures at Beccy’s Folksy shop.

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