Watership Downer Mug

Fresh & Fun Card & Gift Ideas from Urban Graphic

Fresh for 2014, Urban Graphic have added a series of new mugs, gifts and greetings cards to their collection. Today’s featured cards and gifts are latest additions to a number of existing ranges including the best-selling ‘1000 words’ and ‘Toasted’ collections. Sure to impress Urban Graphic’s legion of fans the new gift designs combine cute and cool graphics with sharp funny text. Alongside the gifts, the new greetings card designs include both bright-modern and retro-inspired graphics and photographic ranges. While offering a strong variety of different styles each of the new cards and gifts showcases the distinct and wonderful Urban Graphic flavour.

Bum Spider Mug

Tattoo Kit


Gift Bags from Urban Graphic

Cards from Urban Graphic

Cards from Urban Graphic

Cards from Urban Graphic

Featured cards and gifts: ‘Watership Downer’ and ‘I Made It With My Bum’ Mugs, £10.50; Temporary Tattoos by Al Murphy, £6.25; Positive Energy Gift Bags available in 3 sizes, retailing from £3.30 and a selection of greetings cards – ‘Y’all Ready for This’ by Paul Bower, ‘Nadadora’ by Blanca Gomez and ‘Nutsaber’ by Sammie Caine, £2.25 each. For more information on all of the new additions please visit the Urban Graphic website.

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