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by | Jan 27, 2010 | Gifts

Individual & Ethical Bags for All

Today’s post is dedicated to the individually designed and ethically produced handmade bags of Use UK.

leather clutch bag with clasp

Mother and daughter team, Val and Nicola Prodromou create beautiful bags, answering a growing demand for high quality fashion accessories. Bags that can be kept and treasured as an investment piece; the antithesis to cheap, throwaway fashion. With clutch designs starting from as little as £48, Use UK’s bags are competitively priced as their high street equivalent.

upcycled leather bag with shoulder strap

Each clutch and messenger bag uses sustainably sourced leather with a soft, sumptuous feel. Finished with 100% silk linings and beautiful vintage clasps and buttons. Unique combinations of leather, lining and trimming makes each bag a one off.

leather clutch bag with button embellishment

Use UK have seen such a demand for their bags, that they have launched a sister website ‘I Love Clutch Bags’ dedicated to the ‘It’ bag of the moment. Like all of their bags these unique creations are made from sustainable leather and vintage accessories.

The whole bag collection as well as homewares and gifts can be seen and purchased on the original USE UK website.

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