Vintage-Style Ceramic Gifts from Fruitfly Pie

by | Jul 2, 2012 | Gifts

colourful owl money boxes

Add Some Cute & Quirky Ceramics to Your Home

From her home studio in rural Florida, Wendy Alderman has created – Fruitfly Pie – an online company that specialises in vintage-style ceramics. Today’s post is a few items from the collection that I think will make fantastic homeware gifts. The unique designs are painted in bright white, or vibrant, rainbow colours that stand out from the crowd. Vintage inspiration shines through each design, giving a nostalgic feel, and a focus on high quality craftsmanship. Each of the ceramic pieces is made from scratch, using a variety of techniques; designs are thrown on the potters wheel, molded from raw clay, or slip cast from vintage molds. Once formed Wendy hand paints the designs with non-toxic, lead free, and food safe glazes. Take a look …

ceramic owl piggy bank

orange owl money box

ceramic blue pig planter

orange dachshund planter

ceramic box with squirrel lid

ceramic trinket box with deer decoration lid

Featured homeware gifts: Owl Piggy Bank, $39.99; Vintage Mexican Pig Money Box $38; Owl Lantern $49.99; Pig Planter $34.00; Dachshund Planter $39.99; Forest Animal Trinket Box (Squirrel), $29.99; and Forest Animal Trinket Box (Deer), $29.99. To see more or purchase any of these items, please visit the Fruitfly Pie online shop.

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