Wooden Jewellery Gifts-Treehorn-Design-Peach-&-Red-Bangle

Stylish & Eco-Friendly Wooden Jewellery Gifts

Today’s featured gifts are a series of unique wooden jewellery from TreeHorn Design. Featured jewellery pieces include: Thick Bangles, Stud Earrings and Beaded Necklaces. Each piece is handmade from Eco-friendly wood.

The thick bangles are made with sustainably grown Douglas fir from Oregon. A light weight and durable material with a beautiful finish. The wood is fashioned into a modern, chunky bangle with multiple faces and splashes of bright colour.

TreeHorn Design’s stud earrings are equally colourful. Made from reclaimed Australian hardwood the sweet, simple design is perfect for everyday. Each of the stud pairs are finished with sterling silver backs so they’re good for your ears as well the environment.

The last pictures are from the range of beaded necklaces. The beads are made from off-cuts of Tasmanian Oak. Kept simple, the wooden beads contrast delightfully with the eye-catching cords.

Handmade Gifts

All of TreeHorn Design’s wooden jewellery is handmade in Melbourne from start to finish. Central to every design is the wood. Each material is chosen to be light-weight, beautiful and Eco-friendly. The natural variety gives each item ‘one-of-a-kind’ details, creating a unique gift. The wooden jewellery ranges are made in a variety of colours, ensuring a choice for every taste. Ready for giving, TreeHorn Design’s bangles and necklaces are presented in a gift-box made from recycled cardboard.

Behind the Design

Behind the bold wooden jewellery is TreeHorn Design founder Joe Chester. The company started life as a one man operation. With too many tools and a desire for a creative life Joe wanted to make products people will “enjoy, wear, talk about and misunderstand”. Taking inspiration from everywhere, TreeHorn Design is all about the pure joy of making. An inspiration shown in the fun designs, quality materials and respect for the natural world.

An Eco-Friendly Gift Idea

TreeHorn Design is keen to take care of the environment. Using only reclaimed, recycled or sustainably grown timber for their wooden jewellery. Even the packaging is Eco-friendly! The next aim is solar panels to provide the energy to make even more amazing jewellery gifts.

Thick Bangle-Wooden Jewellery from Treehorn-Design

Turquoise-Studs-Wooden Jewellery from Treehorn-Design

Wooden Jewellery Gifts TreeHorn Design Studs Black

Wooden Jewellery Gifts TreeHorn Design Beaded Necklace Yellow

Pink-Beaded-Necklace-Wooden Jewellery from Treehorn-Design

Featured gifts: thick bangles, $55.00; studs, $33.00 and beaded necklace, $37.50. To see the full collection, stock or purchase from the range please visit the TreeHorn Design website. Each month TreeHorn Design donate to the Wilderness Society and the Australian Conservation Foundation, with every purchase you’ll be helping the company support these important organisations.

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