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by | Feb 16, 2011 | Gifts

Fun Accessories to Brighten Your Day

As regulars to the blog will know I love to showcase new jewellery & accessories designs … it’s a classic gift idea, giving you the opportunity to treat a friend or loved one to something fun and frivolous that will be a gift to treasure. Despite being a classic in the world of gift-giving there’s always room to find something new and innovative. Today’s post is just the thing … modern accessories from WrecordsByMonkey that will be adored and worn over and over again.

patterned cuffs

WrecordsByMonkey is Brooklyn-based design company that links the worlds of fashion, music and art, creating eco-friendly, handmade accessories. Founders Patrick Chirico and Brian Farrell launched the company in 2004, uniting their respective backgrounds in Fashion Design and Textile Design to create their own brand of inspiring accessories.

patterned cuffs

I love cuffs as an alternative to bracelets and so the products showcased here today really jumped out at me the moment I came across them. Each piece is a recycled record, decorated with a variety of patterns or scenes.

patterned cuffs

WrecordsByMonkey has built up a fabulous collection of designs including: classic patterns, Native American designs, cityscapes and street views. There’s so much choice that you’ll easily find a design that you love; your only problem may be settling on which is your favourite.

red patterned cuffs

The whole collection of cuffs can be seen and purchased online with prices starting from $15.00 from theĀ WrecordsByMonkey website.

patterned cuffs

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